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Gender Issues in THAILAND

29 Mar


64 million
Sex ratio:
0.98male(s) / female
Key issues:

  • Human trafficking / Prostitution
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violence
  • Lack of opportunities in the communities / higher-pay job


  • 1997 Constitution provides women and men in Thailand with equal rights
  • Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW):
    • man who engages in a second marriage is considered to have committed perjury against the presiding officiate
  • Violence against women is a criminal offense
  • Prostitution and human trafficking is illegal

Government’s  responses

  • current government is fighting for “women’s rights” to stop trafficking,  low-payings, sexual harassment and violence
    • set up the National Development Fund for Women to promote the female gender in the society to become an important force of creation and development for Thailand.
  • aims to develop women’s roles in society