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Forced marriages – vulnerable women in Krygzstan

29 Mar

In Kyrgyzstan, there are many issues making women vulnerable, such as crippling poverty, lack of education and forced marriages.

There are increased levels of domestic violence, rising numbers of women turning to prostitution, as well as many being trafficked for sex to keep their families fed.

However, a Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent programme is providing a lifeline for many women facing desperate situations, helping improve their social and economic positions.


Gender Issues in KYRGYZSTAN

29 Mar


5.4 million
Sex ratio:
0.96 male/female
Key issues:

  • violence against women
  • forced marriage
  • traditional stereotypes / cultural norms
    • prevent women from fully exercising their rights to own property.
    • women are often refused credit because they are unable to offer sufficient guarantees.


  • Spousal rape is punishable under Kyrgyz legislation.
  • Article 3 of the Constitution of ┬áKyrgyzstan prohibits all discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin or religious belief.
  • Article 8 recognises the existence of certain discriminatory traditions or customary norms that are obstacles to gender equality in the country.
  • 2003 Law on Social-Legal Protection from Domestic Violence
    • designed to prevent, rather than penalise, such violence.