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Way to go girls!!! – Wal-Mart sex discrimination case

29 Mar

In the Supreme Court, seven female Wal-Mart employees made the push for a class action lawsuit against the company for sex discrimination.


Justice between GENDERS please!

29 Mar

Balance??? Fair??? Why??

Stop low-paying for women!

29 Mar

same jobs…but paid less!?!

Gender Issues in PALESTINE

29 Mar


Population: 3.9 million in Palestine  (11 million all over the world)
Sex Ratio:
1.031 males/female

  • Women living in the Gaza Strip and West Bank face substantial social discrimination and inequality.
  • Female employment rate 15.2%
    • 30.5% of female labor force was unemployed
    • Females represent about 31% of total employees in public sector
  • 8.7% illiterate women compared to men 2.6%
  • Marriage (year 2010)
    • 10000 were age 14- 15
    • 7500 were age 20-24
    • 2090 were age 25-29
    • 1400 above 30 years old


Legislation / Government’s responses:

  • CEDWA – SIGNED 2009 ( The right to be protected against violence ,The civil and political rights of women ,The right to Education, Economic Rights ,Family Rights ,Health Rights)

Gender Issues in INDIA

29 Mar


1.21 billion
Sex ratio:
0.94 male/female
Key Issues: 


  • Police initiatives to introduce a more rights-based approach to women’s issues (gender training of their personnel and the Parivartan programme of the Delhi Police)
  • Government schemes for the girl child
  • Institutionalising safety of women and girls: the Delhi government initiatives
  • Changing policy into law – initial stages: sexual harassment at the workplace guidelines and child sexual abuse draft bill

Government’s responses:

  • Increase in women’s participation at all levels: social, economic and political
  • Awareness of women’s rights – by the State, civil society organisations, as well as the public at large
  • Gender budgeting and gender mainstreaming within State agencies and civil society organisations

Gender Issues in KYRGYZSTAN

29 Mar


5.4 million
Sex ratio:
0.96 male/female
Key issues:

  • violence against women
  • forced marriage
  • traditional stereotypes / cultural norms
    • prevent women from fully exercising their rights to own property.
    • women are often refused credit because they are unable to offer sufficient guarantees.


  • Spousal rape is punishable under Kyrgyz legislation.
  • Article 3 of the Constitution of  Kyrgyzstan prohibits all discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin or religious belief.
  • Article 8 recognises the existence of certain discriminatory traditions or customary norms that are obstacles to gender equality in the country.
  • 2003 Law on Social-Legal Protection from Domestic Violence
    • designed to prevent, rather than penalise, such violence.