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29 Mar


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29 Mar

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Do you think women and men should be treated equally all the time?

29 Mar

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Are there are situations in which you feel women should be given an advantage over men? What are they? Please comment below.

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29 Mar

Silent Palestinian Warriors

29 Mar

Women are the balancing core that keeps society functioning despite Israeli occupation and political infighting

Forced marriages – vulnerable women in Krygzstan

29 Mar

In Kyrgyzstan, there are many issues making women vulnerable, such as crippling poverty, lack of education and forced marriages.

There are increased levels of domestic violence, rising numbers of women turning to prostitution, as well as many being trafficked for sex to keep their families fed.

However, a Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent programme is providing a lifeline for many women facing desperate situations, helping improve their social and economic positions.

Domestic Violence in Honduras

29 Mar

This video documents a programme in Honduras that is enlisting police officers in a broad-based struggle to address domestic violence.