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Way to go girls!!! – Wal-Mart sex discrimination case

29 Mar

In the Supreme Court, seven female Wal-Mart employees made the push for a class action lawsuit against the company for sex discrimination.


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29 Mar

Justice between GENDERS please!

29 Mar

Balance??? Fair??? Why??

Stop low-paying for women!

29 Mar

same jobs…but paid less!?!

Gender Issues in PALESTINE

29 Mar


Population: 3.9 million in Palestine  (11 million all over the world)
Sex Ratio:
1.031 males/female

  • Women living in the Gaza Strip and West Bank face substantial social discrimination and inequality.
  • Female employment rate 15.2%
    • 30.5% of female labor force was unemployed
    • Females represent about 31% of total employees in public sector
  • 8.7% illiterate women compared to men 2.6%
  • Marriage (year 2010)
    • 10000 were age 14- 15
    • 7500 were age 20-24
    • 2090 were age 25-29
    • 1400 above 30 years old


Legislation / Government’s responses:

  • CEDWA – SIGNED 2009 ( The right to be protected against violence ,The civil and political rights of women ,The right to Education, Economic Rights ,Family Rights ,Health Rights)

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29 Mar

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Do you think women and men should be treated equally all the time?

29 Mar

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Are there are situations in which you feel women should be given an advantage over men? What are they? Please comment below.